Alumier MD

Chosen by us for science-based effective formulations, eco-conscious practices, and no animal testing. Clean medical grade cosmetic line free of parabens, sulfates, fragrances, and dyes. The cleanest medical grade skincare line available on the market! Shipped expeditiously from within Canada for free (purchase over 75$). Most of the products are made in Canada. All products fully registered as medical/cosmeceutical grade with Health Canada.


SkinCeuticals produces advanced skin care products backed by scientific evidence. The company devotes countless resources toward research at major medical institutions to support the technology behind their products. Their philosophy is based on the threefold philosophy of prevent, protect & correct: prevent future damage, protect healthy skin and correct previous damage.


Dermatology consultation

Medical dermatology appointments are by referral only. If you have a dermatology problem, please review with your family physician or nurse practitioner, who can refer to us if indicated. Email is essential for communication at our clinic. We look forward to meeting you.

Wait times are about 8 months, but each referral letter is reviewed, and urgent problems are expedited based on provided information. For more information, please review our frequently asked questions.

Good things to know before coming to the clinic.