Our Mission

Skin Care West is a medical dermatology clinic with a team-based approach. Our mission is to improve quality of life through exceptional patient centered dermatological care.

Our Services


“Walk-in” treatment – no appointment required Time efficient treatment …

Photodynamic Therapy

Destroys harmful cells, using specialized drugs. Light activates these drugs …

Private Therapy

Skin Care West physicians offer their expertise for removal of friendly …

Dermatology Consultation

Medical dermatology appointments are by referral only. If you have a dermatology problem, please review with your family physician or nurse practitioner, who can refer to us if indicated. We look forward to meeting you.

Email is essential for communication at our clinic.

Wait times are about 8 months, but each referral letter is reviewed, and urgent problems are expedited based on provided information.

For more information, please review our frequently asked questions and section on appointments.

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Alumier MD

Chosen by us for science-based effective formulations, eco-conscious practices, and no animal testing. Clean medical grade cosmetic line free of parabens, sulfates, fragrances, and dyes.


SkinCeuticals produces advanced skin care products backed by scientific evidence. The company devotes countless resources toward research at major medical institutions to support the technology behind their products.

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About Us

“It has been over ten years since I began my Dermatology clinic in Nanaimo. I feel privileged to have some of the nicest patients and consider many of them to be long-time friends. What I enjoy about working …

Dr. Gabriele Weichert


“In addition to dermatology being a fascinating and personally fulfilling field of medicine, I sincerely enjoy meeting the people who comprise my patient population. I believe my previous background as a Family Physician …

Dr. Yana Simice

Family Physician with Dermatology Focus

“I started out providing surgical services to Skin Care West on an intermittent basis, and I found that I really enjoyed the work. I love the procedures, and I’m fascinated by the complex interaction between the skin and sun exposure …

Dr. Yevgeny Filanovsky

Family Physician with Cutaneous Surgery and Skin Cancer Focus

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