Skin Care West physicians offer their expertise for removal of friendly but sometimes unwelcome “lumps and bumps”. These services are considered cosmetic in nature, so they are not covered by the B.C. medical services plan. A referral is not required, contact the clinic directly. An initial consultation fee will apply if you are not a regular clinic patient. A deposit is required to book.

Skin tags and benign/seborrheic keratosis

Skin tags are small benign growths that arise on neck, armpit, groin or eyelids. Seborrheic keratoses are non-cancerous rough/warty skin growths. They often occur on the trunk or face. Depending on size/location, seborrheic keratoses and skin tag removal could include cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen, electrocautery with a hyfrecator or surgical excision.

Cost of non-surgical removal:
Standard visit (< 15 spots) $300 Extended visit (>15 spots) $400-600

Facial Spider Veins

Enlarged blood vessels are common on the cheeks and nose. The red, web-shaped appearance gives them their common name, spider veins. Spider vein treatment is performed with electrosurgery using a hyfrecator.

Cost of removal:
Standard visit (< 15 spots) $300 Extended visit (>15 spots) $400-600

Sebaceous hyperplasia

Enlarged sebaceous or oil glands can appear as small yellow bumps on the forehead and cheeks. Although “friendly”, some people request treatment. We offer electrosurgery using a hyfrecator.

Cost of removal:
Standard visit (< 15 spots) $300 Extended visit (>15 spots) $400-600

Mole removal

You may request removal of a healthy appearing mole due to location, size or unwanted growth. Surgery is the safest and only method of removal offered at Skin Care West. All moles excised are submitted for analysis as a precautionary measure.

Cost of removal:
$300 per mole ($400 for facial moles)

Cyst removal

A skin cyst is a sac-like growth – most cysts are benign/healthy. At Skin Care West, we offer surgical removal of cysts up to 3 cm in size. Facial cysts excision is NOT offered due to complexity of underlying structures – please see your family doctor to discuss referral to a plastic surgeon.

Cost of removal:
$400 per cyst


Xanthelasma are yellow plaques of cholesterol deposits on the upper and lower eyelids. Since xanthelasma are quite obvious, treatment is often requested. We offer tricholoracetic acid (TCA) peel therapy. Healing is prolonged and may require 3 weeks of active wound care. Results are variable.

Cost of removal:
$400 (all locations are treated on same visit)

Botox for hyperhidrosis and migraines

This therapy is offered at our partner clinic, Synergy Medical Aesthetics. Note, this is a private service not covered under the BC MSP. Cost of injection is $300 + cost of the Botox (~ $400).

Contact us at this separate location to book treatment: or 250-591-1566 (7170 Lantzville Road).

Seeking other aesthetic treatments such as lasers or injectables?

Visit our partner clinic Synergy. Synergy Medical Aesthetics is central Vancouver Island’s premier choice for aesthetic services. These include Botox, Fillers, IPL/BBL, micro-needling, Coolsculpting and resurfacing laser. Contact us at this separate location: or 250-591-1566 (7170 Lantzville Road)

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