Photodynamic therapy involves specialized drugs called photosensitizers. Light activates these drugs and creates a chemical reaction that destroys harmful cells.

Skin Care West offers two types of Photodynamic Therapy: Daylight Photodynamic Therapy and Conventional Photodynamic Therapy.

Daylight Photodynamic Therapy

Used for treating precancerous sun damage. Your skin is prepared, and a photosensitizer cream is applied in clinic. 30-60 minutes later you spend two hours outside exposing your skin to natural daylight. You can do that anywhere that is convenient (including at your own home). No need to return to the clinic afterwards, just wash the photosensitizer off when you’re done.

Conventional Photodynamic Therapy

Used for treating small low risk skin cancers. An alternative to surgery with good cure rates and excellent cosmetic results. The entire treatment is performed in clinic on a single day. In the morning your skin is prepared, a photosensitizer cream is applied, and the area is covered with a special dressing. In the afternoon the dressing and cream are removed, followed by two rounds of treatment under a specialized high-power red LED light.

Cost of these treatments is covered under many extended medical benefit plans but not under our provincial medical services plan.
Referral letter to Skin Care West needed from your physician or Nurse Practitioner to be assessed as to whether photodynamic therapy is appropriate for your condition.

Good things to know before coming to the clinic.