Skin Care West physicians perform medically necessary skin procedures and surgery.

Examination rooms at the clinic include motorized beds, shadowless overhead lighting, and high flow ventilation. Each room also contains cryosurgery units, electrosurgical generators and supplies for procedures ranging from simple injections to surgical excisions.

The clinic also has a dedicated surgical suite for larger or more complex procedures. It contains a fully adjustable surgical table and high-powered operating room lighting.

What to expect for your procedure

Some minor procedures may be performed by the same physician that you see for medical care at the clinic and included as part of a consultation or a routine visit.

Larger surgeries are usually scheduled on a different day, during one of our dedicated surgical clinics. They run multiple times a week and are staffed by physicians on our surgical team.

Most procedures are performed under a local anaesthetic that lasts about 2 hours. You will be able to drive afterwards. Short duration procedural sedation with nitrous oxide is also available for select cases.

Good things to know before coming to the clinic.