Dr. Gabriele Weichert
In 2003 I started my Dermatology practice in Nanaimo. My academic journey began with an undergraduate degree in Biology at Waterloo followed by a PhD in physiology research at UBC. I completed medical school at McMaster University and then a 5-yr residency training program at UBC Dermatology. As an Assistant Instructor at UBC Dermatology, medical education of new trainees is a dedicated focus at our clinic.
What I enjoy about working on central Vancouver Island is the range of skin conditions I see as a consultant.  Dermatology is a highly academic and broad speciality.  My focus is on general medical and surgical dermatology with some cosmetic treatments.  Many patients have skin cancer concerns and others have inflammatory disorders for which we now have modern therapeutics. Phototherapy for psoriasis and eczema is a busy part of my practice and I am committed to offering optimal care of these and other complex diagnoses.
In 2020, SkinCareWest clinic moved to the current location with a modern design dedicated to optimal care of the dermatology patient.  We are proud of our team of dedicated physicians and health care professionals.