Spider Veins / Sclerotherapy

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Spider Veins / Sclerotherapy

spider veinsMany women notice these progressive broken blood vessels or spider veins on their thighs and calves. Certain factors like genetics, pregnancy, and prolonged standing can predispose a person to develop spider veins.

Dr. Weichert offers cosmetic sclerotherapy for patients who wish to improve the appearance of spider veins on the legs. Sclerotherapy is a concentrated sugar/salt solution (Sclerodex) injected with a very small needle into the affected veins. This solution will cause microscopic irritation and closure of the vein with improved appearance. One treatment can often result in 50-60% improvement and a second treatment can offer added benefit. The treatment is relatively painless and very well tolerated.

Side effects can include mild bruising and discolouration for a few weeks. Winter is a preferred season for treatment since legs are covered for a few months.

Sclerotherapy consultation

For information regarding cosmetic sclerotherapy for spider veins, patients are invited to schedule a consultation and assessment with Dr Weichert.

Please note: Sclerotherapy treatment appointments vary between 15 min-45 min. Your treatment will not be performed on the day of consultation.  After assessment, your treatment can be offered within 1-2 weeks.

Procedure cost for sclerotherapy treatment is provided during the consultation visit and typically ranges from $300-$500 per treatment.

To book a private consultation, contact us at skincarewest@gmail.com or 250-740-2125.