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xanthelasmaThese yellow bumps on the upper and lower inner eyelids are caused by cholesterol deposits in the skin. They are associated with elevated cholesterol levels but can also be hereditary. Once present, these bumps do not typically resolve with cholesterol improvement.

Dr Weichert offers treatment for xanthelasma with an acidic skin peel (TCA peel) which dissolves the cholesterol deposit. The treatment is typically very well tolerated. Depending on the size and thickness of the lesions, 1-2 treatments are generally required. There is scabbing for up to two weeks but healing is typically excellent with very good cosmetic improvement.

Xanthelasma consultation

Patients are invited to schedule a consultation and assessment with Dr Weichert.

Procedure cost for xanthelasma treatment is $250 per treatment.

To book a private consultation, contact us at skincarewest@gmail.com or at  (250) 740-2125.