Skin Tags

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Skin Tags

skin tagsThese small tags of unwanted skin are common on the neckline, eyelids and in fold areas. There is no way to prevent these from growing.

Dr. Weichert offers cosmetic skin tag removal using either electrosurgery, cryotherapy or excision. Treatment choice depends on size and location of the skin tag. Cosmetic outcome is typically excellent and skin tags do not generally recur in the same spot.

Cosmetic consultation

For cosmetic skin tag removal, patients are invited to schedule a cosmetic consultation/assessment with Dr Weichert.

skin tagsProcedure cost for skin tag removal typically ranges from $100 (for a 1-2 tags) to $250 or more (for extensive/multiple skin tags). If the required procedural time is lengthy, a separate treatment appointment may be arranged after consultation.

To book a cosmetic consultation, contact us at or at 250-740-2125.