Facial veins

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Facial veins

facial veinsFacial veins or telangectasia are very common and often occur on the nose, cheeks and chin. Telangecatasia can be associated with easy flushing or rosacea as well as with excessive sun exposure. Contrary to popular belief, these facial veins are not associated with excessive alcohol use. Avoiding triggers of flushing and diligent use of sunscreen can limit progression of telangectasia.

Dr. Weichert offers cosmetic treatment for facial veins with electrosurgery. This fine tip instrument touches the surface of the skin and closes the visible blood vessel. One treatment can often result in 60% improvement and a second treatment can offer further gain. The instrument can feel slightly hot or sharp with each touch, but patients generally tolerate the treatment very well. After the procedure, the treated skin is quite red and it may take 3-5 days for the reaction to settle completely.

Cosmetic consultation

For cosmetic treatment of facial veins, patients are invited to schedule a cosmetic consultation and assessment with Dr Weichert.

Small areas of treatment may be associated with a fee of approximately $100. Extensive areas such as cheeks and nose together may be closer to $250.

To book a cosmetic consultation, contact us at skincarewest@gmail.com or at 250-740-2125.