In-office appointments available as indicated.

Virtual Appointments are by phone or video conference.

PROVIDING PHOTOS of your dermatological condition prior to a VIRTUAL appointment may greatly benefit your care. Email is essential for communication at our clinic.


Referral Letter

A referral letter is necessary from your doctor or nurse practitioner to Skin Care West requesting a consult. The letter must include your email address.

Email appointment notification

We will send you an email offering you an appointment. Fill out the attached form with your information. This confirms your appointment.

Email reminder 2 weeks before appointment

Please complete the intake form that will come with this email. The information you provide is essential to your care.

Email reminder 3 days before appointment

This is the final reminder of your appointment. Due to the number of people who need to see us, please cancel your appointment if you can’t make it.


Please arrive 5 minutes early for your first appointment. Please do not wear makeup or fragrances. Be prepared to undress down to your underwear.